Vintage Fashion Editorial - Flash Photography Workshop - Natural Light Studio
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Vintage Fashion Editorial - Flash Photography Workshop - Natural Light Studio

An example of the vintage styling we will be using for Jade on the day. 

We are taking our workshops up to Northamptonshire! For the first time we will be doing a workshop north of London, in the beautiful new venue; The Natural Light Studio. 

It's going to be a vintage themed fashion and editorial workshop. I will be showing how to make the best of the environment around you by using both the available light and flash lighting to create a scene. The skills you'll learn will allow you to adapt to any condition and use flash in a way that does not look obviously flash lit. The objective will be to make images that look like only natural light was used using techniques like High Speed Sync and utilising the principles of inverse square law. 


We will be starting in the studio at 11 am and going through some principles of balancing daylight and ambient. Using simple props to transform a room into an engaging and dynamic scene with my cinematic lighting styles. 

Next will be the elevator: The venue has an amazing old elevator and here we will go through using flash, gels and white balance to imitate a sun set lit indoor scene. 

And as a unique bonus, this venue has a vintage fire engine that we will be lighting for a larger scene. SOmething epic for your portfolios!  

Throughout the day, Jade Lyon will be on hand offering tips and pointers with both the lighting, composition and model direction.

I will be building the scenes light by light/reflector so that you will be able to replicate the style afterwards. 

All workshops include some written materials outlining the concepts that we will be covering, with a few example images and the lighting diagram and settings to go with it, so that you have something to refer to afterwards. As well as a model pose guide/ cheat sheet to allow you to get some great shots from the start of any shoot so you and the model can feel more confident.

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Outdoor Speedlight Workshop 6pm-9pm

A new workshop from us this summer. We will be meeting at the bandstand in Hove and making the most of the Brighton seafront during the summer time. This workshop is perfect for any photographer looking to get more into speedlight and flash photography, particularly wedding and fashion/ commercial photographers.

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