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Narrative Lighting Essentials. A workshop with Jade Lyon

We are doing it across multiple rooms in the Brunswick so there is a quite a variety of set-ups available.

Starting in the basement area, we will go through all the modifiers, how to set up your camera for shooting with flash and many other fundamentals to understand when embarking on flash photography. We will then shoot some single light set-ups. After that as a group we will build up an image bit by bit to understand what each flash, modifier, reflector, or flag is doing and why to create a scene in which we can develop narrative. 

A sandwich lunch will be provided with drinks and snacks, after which we will move into the upstairs rooms. In which we will go through using flash with ambient light and balancing the two with different creative effects. 

Some lighting diagrams will be provided so you are able to remember how we created the images to recreate for your own shoots. 

Each person will have a chance to create a scene with guidance and everyone will get to shoot. 

Throughout the day Jade will be giving tips and talking about how to direct your model in order to get the best out of a shoot. She will also show you the best starting poses to make sure you get great shots from the start of a shoot.  Jade is both a model and a photographer herself and will be giving guidance on both model direction and the technical side of the photography. 

If you'd like to know more about this workshop take a look at the blog post. 

There will be a maximum of 6 places and it will be £100 per person. Places are confirmed on payment. 

To take a look at the model and her work please click here: Jade Lyon



Just wanted to say thank you again to Jade and yourself for a very interesting and rewarding day... Credit to you both for creating such a good atmosphere in which everyone felt able to explore ideas whilst learning. I look forward to having an opportunity to work with you again in the future.     Alan Westbrook
The session started with Raj setting up lights with different modifiers to demonstrate various points; subsequently we moved on to setting up scenes and working collectively to pose the model and arrange the lights. Raj knew his stuff, and his gentle manner and patient explanations made for a very enjoyable workshop. It was well-structured, relaxed but informative and with plenty of opportunity for questions, discussion and practice. Thanks Raj!       John Horne
Thanks Raj. Excellent workshop and your creativity and knowledge was exceptional. I liked your personal and friendly approach to teaching that also enables the attendee's to create their own scenes / narrative and dynamically feel a very active part of the proceedings. Brilliant and enjoyable! Recommended!!! Cheers.   Edward Thomas