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Lighting Masterclass: Speedlights

Set in the Caribou Rooms in the centre of Hove, just a short walk from the seafront. We will start in the characterful basement bar area. This is cut off from the natural light from outside so makes a great place to see the affects of just the speedlights and mimics the conditions many wedding photographers face through the event. 

Test shot in the Caribou Rooms. 

Test shot in the Caribou Rooms. 

This first section of the day we will cover the technical aspects of flash photography with these versatile speedlights. Using them on camera, going through what the modes mean and leading up to taking them off camera. I will go into the manufacturer specific traits of your flashguns, using my personal experience with Nikon flash and my time working for Sony and Canon, so whatever brand you use this course will be useful. 

Test shot in the booths in the Caribou Rooms

Test shot in the booths in the Caribou Rooms

The second half of the day we will be creating some more complex set-ups and going through some tricks with speedlights, before heading outside to take a walk and create some street style fashion images, where  I will show you how to use ambient and flash together and make the best of any situation. Some examples of flash use in different situations below. 

Throughout the day, Jade Lyon will be on hand offering tips and pointers with both the lighting, composition and model direction.

This workshop is suitable to anyone wanting to get into off camera flash regardless of your genre of photography, be it weddings, fashion or narrative.

We will be outside for part of the day, so please bare that in mind when planning to come, we won't be able to control the weather! 

Which Course Next? If you've not done it before, The Narrative Lighting Workshop is a great next step, taking you into studio lighting on location. Take a look at the description of the last one for more info, next dates will be posted once confirmed.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 




Just wanted to say thank you again to Jade and yourself for a very interesting and rewarding day... Credit to you both for creating such a good atmosphere in which everyone felt able to explore ideas whilst learning. I look forward to having an opportunity to work with you again in the future.     Alan Westbrook
The session started with Raj setting up lights with different modifiers to demonstrate various points; subsequently we moved on to setting up scenes and working collectively to pose the model and arrange the lights. Raj knew his stuff, and his gentle manner and patient explanations made for a very enjoyable workshop. It was well-structured, relaxed but informative and with plenty of opportunity for questions, discussion and practice. Thanks Raj!       John Horne
Thanks Raj. Excellent workshop and your creativity and knowledge was exceptional. I liked your personal and friendly approach to teaching that also enables the attendee's to create their own scenes / narrative and dynamically feel a very active part of the proceedings. Brilliant and enjoyable! Recommended!!! Cheers.   Edward Thomas