Box shelving unit - Reclaimed scaffolding boards and steel pipe bookshelf.

Box shelving unit - Reclaimed scaffolding boards and steel pipe bookshelf.


These fantastic box shelves are a unique style and very customisable. Totally free standing and can be made with to you're requirements. The one shown is part of a larger workstation but these can be totally independent. I added a ledge on the side of one of the boxes for a charging area for electronic devices/ batteries.

Each vertical beam can be wired for pendant lights as shown on the left column here, due to room constraints the other two were not necessary for this fit.

It is made from reclaimed scaffolding boards which are full of character and very strong, they are sanded down smooth and can be finished in a variety of ways, see some of my other products for examples, this one is waxed with a dark finishing wax that brings out the grain and interesting patterning leaving it with deeps browns and golds. I keep the steel bands from the ends and re-use them as part of the design on here.

The steel pipe work can be galvanised as shown or plain steel which is a much darker grey.

The whole thing is mostly flat packed and can be assembled using just an Allen key. We are hapy to assemble the unit for you upon delivery at no extra cost. (This is advised).

I welcome custom design projects so if this is the style you like but you have specific requirements please don't hesitate to get in touch.

SHIPPING: I am based in the South East of the UK and the £60 shipping charge covers anywhere within or south of the M25 and as far west as Dorset. For anywhere else please contact us for a quote.

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