Reclaimed Burnt / Scorched Wood Coffee Table.

Reclaimed Burnt / Scorched Wood Coffee Table.


Hand crafted tables that have been made with salvaged wood (mostly pallets) which have been scorched for a truly unique finish.

These tables have been completely blackened through scorching quickly at very high temperatures. This leaves the surface bubbled along the grain but without losing any structural integrity.

It's then topped with with a hard wearing finish to ensure the ash is fixed in place.

The legs are painted a dark grey. and the frame is lightly scorched for a unique contrasting effect.

Height - 45 cm
Length - 119 cm
Width - 54 cm (width will vary slightly depending on the wood that is available)

Each table made will be slightly different and have its own characteristics due to the nature of using reclaimed wood and the process of burning.

Delivery is £40 within the UK. Or you are welcome to come by and pick it up.

I can make tables to order, so if you are looking for something bespoke, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Thanks for viewing.

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