Ford Popular Shoot

I had the opportunity to photograph a beautifully restored Ford Popular belonging to Martin, a friend of a friend. He was kind enough to take it to multiple locations and let me experiment.  I've been planning another of my film stills that will include a beautiful 1930's car. So this was great for some practice and a chance to experiment seriously with circular polerisers for the first time. I've had a poleriser in my kit bag for around 7+ years but never actually used it! I soon realised what I was missing out on and promptly bought myself a Lee Filters Landscape poleriser from Park Cameras

Really pleased with the results, the next challenge to light the car with models and action going on which may take some time to figure out. We had some rain just prior to shooting but I think the rain drops on the car look great so I might look to add some rain into the next shoot too! 

Thanks to Tim for being my light stand and many thanks to Martin for the use of his car!

Equipment used:

  • Bowens 500s 
  • Large Octabox
  • Big ass battery pack to power lights
  • 2x Nikon SB900s
  • Crappy old poleriser
  • Shot on Nikon D800 w/ 85mm 1.8D