DIY Ringflash Adapter Test

Had the time to have a bit of a play around in my studio this week, giving me an opportunity to finally try out the DIY Ringflash sent over to me from Designed to be easy to assemble and fits all kinds of off camera flash units with surprisingly good quality. 

The DIY Ringflash Adapter (with another DIYP Product.)

The DIY Ringflash Adapter (with another DIYP Product.)

Made of Plastics and card it fits snugly onto my Nikon SB900 using elastic bands to hold it to a metal plate. the plate can be then screwed in to the tripod mount on the bottom of the camera. 

Naturally as it is an adapter for standard strobes, you do loose some of the power of the flashes, the ring is shaded at the bottom to ensure an even spread all the way round. As a result I found its effectiveness generally limited to relative close-ups particularly as I was using it with my studio strobes. Face shots, and waist up were fine, but as it got to full length portraits the light was a bit lost. 

It does however give off a rather pleasing quality of light, perfect as a soft fill light. 

A couple shots from the shoot: 


For these images in used the ringflash on the camera as a fill light, with a snooted Bowens flash behind Jade camera right, a 120 grided octabox camera right and a reflector on the left. Shot on a Nikon D800 with Nikon 50mm 1.4D 

Lighting Diagram for both shots. 

Lighting Diagram for both shots. 

I think its quite likely i'll end up using the unit fairly regularly in the studio. And can definitely recommend it. Particularly for those looking for a decent light setup on a budget. 

Thank you to my lovely girlfriend Jade for modelling for me again, find her modelling page here: Jade Lyon

And to Udi at DIYP for sending it to me.