VIDEO - Element 5 Systems product shoot

Last week I had a shoot with Element 5 Systems, this is a company run by 3 guys, Ian, Ross and Nathan in small workshop not far out from Lewes. Set in a stunning part of the countryside they build the sort of speakers that you'd imagine batman having in his cave for those lonely bat raves where I imagine Alfred is the DJ.


Ian designs the speakers and using fabrication equipment that is wonderfully old and cantankerous (much hammering of various electrical components was heard in the name of "servicing" the machine!). The machine is not used by many at all anymore and he had to learn forgotten coding languages in order to use it to it's fullest ability, as well as service it himself as there are no longer engineers around that can. 


This first shoot with the team was a milestone for the company, commercialising their products to a much wider audience, hopefully you will be seeing those signature orange accents at events and festivals near you in the future! After the next lot of product shots we hope to do a stylised shoot in a big location to really show off the scale of the things!

Some of the speakers and weigh in at over 120kgs and are designed to be stacked high and wide to make walls of 12+ of the things!

Bonus: Batman Rave. 

Bonus: Batman Rave.